We run an apple farm at the foot of Matsumoto Alpspark in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
You will see a traditional Japanese satoyama view.

There are a lot of apple orchards and traditional Japanese houses in the neighborhood, and you will enjoy beautiful view of the city.

Everything in the fields and mountains looks fresh when spring comes, the apples are turning red in the autumn.

We are spending a relaxing life with our children and we eat fresh vegetables and fruits from our garden and orchard.


a wistaria-trellis

Since we would like to see various people and enjoy having a conversation, we lend a room at my house as a guest room in Yokoya Farm.

You will enjoy apple picking in autumn season.

Please come and spend a wonderful time here. We look forward to seeing you.

Yokoya Farm, Kensuke Kawabe and Asuka Kawabe

◎Guest house Shinshu Yokoya Farm ~KURA~

Comfortable farm staying. It is for only one group a day.

Shinshu Yokoya Farm ~KURA ~ is accommodation located next to host family house.

It is recommended for staying with family and friends.

We prepare lunch box “Bento” with vegetables and fruits from our garden for breakfast.

Please make a reservation from Airbnb

Please make a reservation from Booking.com

◎Tatami guest room Shinshu Yokoya farm

You will stay in a room of our house.

You will stay at Tatami room and use futon to sleep and see beautiful Japanese garden from the room.

We prepare breakfast with vegetables and fruits from our garden.

Please make a reservation from Airbnb


MATSUMOTO APPLE PICKING 2018 (Oct. 1 ~ the mid-Nov. )
~Let’s enjoy picking apples~








The apple season has come!

We will welcome you to our apple orchard for from October 1st until the mid-November. Why don’t you try some apple picking, feeling a nice breeze of Japanese autumn? Harvest your own apples and eat them on the spot!

You can also make YOUR OWN 100% APPLE JUICE in the field, with a hand-squeeze juicer! With an additional fee, you can also make a bonfire in the orchard and cook a baked apple in it (with marshmallows, of course).

<Detail as below>

【Time required】
Approx. 1 hour~

【Participation Fee】
Adult (above 13yrs old) 2000 yen
Elementary school children (b/w 6-12yrs old) 500 yen
Free for children below 5 yrs old

【Available Dates】
Between October 1st until the mid-November

14:00-15:00 (Please be at the orchard at 14:00)

【Closed Dates】
Every Wednesdays & Thursdays.
Cancelled on Rainy days.

【Regular Contents】
Apple Picking & Eating
Hand-made apple juice making
Picking two apples for takeout

【Additional Contents】
+1000 yen per making a bonfire & a baked apple in it (with marshmallows)
+400 yen per another baked apple

【Type of Apples to Harvest】
~Mid-October: Shinano Sweet
~End of October : Shinano Gold
November: Sun Fuji

Shinshu Yokoya Farm Apple Orchard
(Please come to the orchard directly. There is a parking area for a few cars at its entrance)

For reservations and inquiries, please e-mail
info@sinshu-yokoyafarm.com by the day before.


  • Please bring Japanese Yen for the fee on the day
  • There are cases in which cancellations are made due to rain.
  • We may be closed due to personal reasons even during the period


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Introduction of Yokoya Farm


“Yokoya” is the name of our house and of the apple farm that we run. The reason why our house has a unique name is because houses are usually referred to by the name of the family living in it, but since so many people in this area share the same family name, each house has been given a unique name.

Our house is up on a hill above Matsumoto, about 15 minutes from Matsumoto castle by car, and about 15 minutes on foot from Matsumoto Alpspark.
Our apple farm overlooks the city area, and is a very short walk from our house.It is very beautiful.

Our house is a classic farm house that has Japanese-style rooms and a garden and engawa (veranda in the house).
It has been lived in carefully, and passed down from generation to generation.

Seasonal flowers bloom in the garden, which attracts many kinds of birds.

We live in this home as a couple, along with our baby.