Hello, it’s Asuka from Yokoya Farm.

Cononavirus is spreading all over the world and I watch the news about it everyday.

How are you doing??

In Japan, schools were supposed to started in April but canceled and postponed for May.

There is the atmosphere that we should not go outside except for necessary shopping and work.
( Japanese law is not allowed to lock down the city such like the US and other western countries. So Japanese government request people not to go outside)

About our guesthouse, all books were canceled and I’m very sad that I can’t see any guests in beautiful spring.

However, cherry blossoms are fully blooming now in Matsumoto !!

No matter how much the virus affects people’s lives around the world, cherry blossoms are blooming as usual spring.

I’ll share the pictures of it with my wish for making you feel peaceful.

Those cherry blossoms are located within 3km from our house.

In Japan, we can see it everywhere like schools, hospitals, parks and gyms.

I really feel I’m very very happy to have been born in Japan this season.

Especially Matsumoto castle is most beautiful right now during the year.

I’m praying for you and your family’s health and peaceful days.

I’ll appreciate if you’ll send me a picture of spring in your country with your comment.

Thank you….


This sentence was translated by Ryohei

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