Hello, I’m Asuka from Yokoya Farm.

How’s going ??

I was too busy for harvesting apples to post how we do these days.

Leaves started to turn red around Matsumoto city.

Sakura tree( Cherry tree)

Beautiful autumn is around the corner.

By the way, it is the time to pick Shinano Gold in our orchard now.

This is the apple which was born in here,Nagano prefecture and it is known for that yellow color.

Shinano Gold Apple

For red apples, we usually pick leaves around apples to get them colored red but it doesn’t necessary for this apple.

The part of the leaf that does not turn red

To tell you the truth, it tastes very good!!

Because of less work for growing those apples as I said, the amount of production getting increased in Japan where apple farmers getting old.

Less work and better taste seems perfect but this Shinano Gold drop by the wind very easily compared with others.

Besides, huge typhoons tend to hit Japan at the end of October every year so we’re always worried this time. Sometimes we pick them bit earlier or harvest them even in rainy days .

Every thing always doesn’t go well. Same as a life.

It’ll be eatable until February.
We’ll prepare them in the guesthouse .

Guest house KURA

See you~~~~



This sentence was translated by Ryouhei.

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