It’s all in Japanese but Ryo translated in order you to understand what’s written and our farm’s story too!!


Mt. Dessert Ice Cream ×Shinshu Yokoya Farm×Mr. Miyazawa (peach farmer in Nagano)      

Mr. Kelton Boyer came to Nagano in 1990.

“I spend longer time here in Nagano than my home country.”

He’s a very big fan of Nagano.

He’s also an entrepreneur and opens an ice cream shop this time.

As a result of his request through SNS for local fruits, he got some quick responds.

We’ll introduce the part of farmers of it today.

Mount Desert Island Ice Cream

Opened Ice cream shop

Collaborating with Shinshu producers through SNS.


The U.S ex-president Obama’s favorite

America’s authentic ice cream comes to Matsumoto.


In 1990, Kelton Boyer from Pennsylvania, U.S came to Shiojiri, Nagano as an English teacher.

He’s been living Nagano while he run English school, translation and so on.

He opened a new ice cream shop “MT. DESSERT ISLAND ICE CREAM” this September at Nawate street in Matsumoto. It was started in Maine, U.S and offering a premium ice cream with good ingredients. After ex-president Obama loved the taste and it was spread to nationwide.

Kelton’s been a friend of the owner who used to live in Matsumoto 27 years ago. 

He visited U.S and learned process of making that premium ice cream and opened it finally.

He’d like to spread a high quality of Nagano’s fruits through his ice cream and what he was inspired was that he got a lots of offers from fruits producers soon after he started to collect them through SNS.


Global but local apple farm in Matsumoto.

Farm staying guesthouse too.

Got an information through facebook when they are wondering to find a sales channel.

Shinshu Yokoya farm is located on 650m height upper hill in Matsumoto city and responded to Kelton’s request for local fruits.

In 2016, Kensuke who retired his career as a system engineer in Tokyo and Asuka moved to Matsumoto where was Asuka’s home town and they decided to take over Asuka’s grandfather’s farm but he passed away soon after.

Kensuke didn’t have any knowledge about farming but he’s getting better and better each days as a farmer with a lot of help from neighbor farmers.

Kensuke says, “We are selling apples for JA (Japan Agriculture coop) mainly and rest of non-standard fruits sold at our farm but we were thinking different sales channel that time.

It was a just good timing.

We support his idea that he wanted to use local products and we wanted to cooperate with him.” In addition, they want tourists visit Matsumoto to experience a local farmer’s life and they’re running a guest house with using their vacant storehouse.

Asuka says, “I think here’s better than Tokyo to raise our kids and I’m satisfied with this life here.”

They also want to open a café offering an apple pie and an apple juice with their apples in a future.

They are on the way to their dream.     

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