Hello, I’m Asuka from Yokoyafarm.

Baby swallows lived in our house finally left the nest!

I found a parent bird making a nest a month ago and she started to keep eggs warm and then baby birds were born 2 weeks ago.

Baby birds grew up well and all 4 birds left to a new world.

It seems that swallows born in Japan usually spend a time in Japan from spring to autumn and then move to Taiwan or Philippine or Australia in winter time.

It gets too cold to find insects that is fed on them in winter in Japan so they move to warmer place that time.

Some swallows you can see your country might be born in Japan.

Swallows make their nests on the eaves of houses or schools and the entrance of shops where people often pass by in Japan.

They make nests around people to protect themselves from enemies.

In Japan, it’s been said that a swallow’s nest shows a good fortune and people look for incubating eggs instead of breaking it.

In Matsuyama city, Ehime, a swallow made a nest on Lawson’s “L” that is a store sign of the entrance. An owner fixed a light and turn off the “L”’s light and kept his eye on it until they left the nest.

You may see swallow’s nest during your stay in Japan.

It would be happened that swallows will come back to the same nest if you will leave it.

We are also looking forward them to coming back next year!!

Comparing with my 3 year old kid still small, baby swallows grew up as big as their parent in 2 weeks!!

My daughter Yui 3 years old






(This sentence was translated by Ryo)

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