There are a lots of apple orchards around here but just started about 60 years ago.

Before that, a sericulture was flourishing around here, and these apple orchards used to be mulberry fields.

A mulberry tree still left in an apple orchard

I live in my mother’s parent’s house however they used to have silkworms when my mother was young (about 55 years ago)

Sometimes an accident happened.

My mother seemed to be shocked when her younger brother ate a silkworm without knowing what it was when he was a kid.

Farmers used to have silkworms to get cocoons that was a material for silk.

Mulberry leaves were fed to silkworms and as a result, there were a lot of mulberry trees around here.

Silkworms eating mulberry leaves.
Making cocoon was a large part of farmer’s revenue that time.
So people gave a respect for them and called silkworms “Okaiko-sama” (sounds like treateing silkworms as a god)
Silkworms make cocoons. Materials for silk.

However sericulturists got decreased rapidly after a chemical fiber started to be appeared.

My grand-grand father’s generation(about 60 years ago) started to plant apple trees instead.

At that time, I heard that apple farmers made so much money that they built big store houses in thier backyards.

After that, co-op founded and people started to send apples as their winter  gifts. The situation surrounded apples farmers had changed gradually.   


So I’m wondering how long my farm and apple farmers themselves will be continued in the future.

The society getting changed day by day so I think apple farmers may be too.

Of course, the landscape with apple orchards are beautiful and apples grown here are very good so I want orchards will be there in the future. 

Mulberry fruits are delicious, June

I’m not sure what’s going to happen from now on. However I believe that residents and visitors think this place where has a beautiful landscape of apple orchard is meaningful and special for themselves.

Because I think those things will make the city and the country more attractive and add extra richness for people’s lives.  


See you around!!



This sentence was translated by Ryo.

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