2019 June 18th

Hi everyone! I’m Asuka from Yokoya farm.

I went to the Firefly Festival in Tatsuno(June 15th~June 23rd in 2019) with my family few days ago and it was so wonderful that let me introduce about it today!!

Actually it was my birthday when we visited that festival !(^^)!

Surprisingly the festival has long history and it started 71 years ago. I didn’t know about it  but I think my parents took me to there when I was a kid,,,

It is held during the time when fireflies flashing and there are some food venders and drum performance.   

Tatsuno town is 45 min drive or 40 min by train from Matsumoto station and there is a “Hotaru doyo park” where you can see lots of fireflies.  

“Hotaru” means firefly in Japanese.

Tatsuno is very famous for fireflies and you can get more information about it on its website.(They have English page)



Unfortunately it was cold and windy when we visited and we couldn’t see many fireflies however we enjoyed the festival itself and it had a good atmosphere on the way to the park. 

I’ll show you some pictures on the way to the park. They might be helpful for your future visit.

First of all, we visited on Sunday, June 16th was the second day of that festival.

The firefly festival is held for 9 days every year at the end of June during firefly’s mating season.

There were a lot of venders and there was also a drum performance at the day. (live performance is only weekend)

We’d heard that it usually got crowded especially on weekend so we left earlier and arrived at Tatsuno about 5 o’clock.  (It took about an hour from Yokoya farm)

There were many extra parking lots during the festival.

We used a free parking at “Tokimeki no machi”

Shopping mall “Tokimeki no machi”

After 10 min walk from the parking, we got a main street where was a car free area.

On the way, quiet river side
A main street in front of a station. Lots of venders!!

It was Sunday that day so there were a lot of local kids, students and tourists as well .

I saw a lot of people wearing Yukata that is casual version of kimono.

I heard this street gets car free only for weekend and there are less venders on weekdays.

My daughter Yui exited fishing a water baroon yo-yo.
We have a pond in our garden so you can enjoy a goldfish scooping! (You can release in our pond if you get some goldfishes)


We got some foods at a street vender and walked to the station.

Tatsuno station


About 6:30 when it getting dark gradually, we decided to walk to “Hotaru doyo park”

(Fireflies flash well during 7:30 ~9pm)

It took 15 min from the station to the park.

Lantern lighting such as fireflies led us to the park.

I loved this way to the park.

I walked to the park along with lanterns in dark while seeing Japanese rural view.

I think our farm is also located in a countryside however it is near from the downtown in Matsumoto city so it’s brighter than here.

Here was really quiet rural area.

I heard the sound of frogs from rice fields.


Lots of people waiting for firefly’s flashing when we arrived at the park.

People waiting for taking pictures (banned flashing camera)

You’d be charged 500 yen for an entrance during this term.

Fireflies started to flash when it got dark.

It’s impossible to take firefly’s flashing with a normal camera.

There were not as many fireflies that day but you can see this beautiful view under the prefect weather condition! (higher than 20℃, cloudy, no wind)

From Tatsuno town website.


We walked around the park and we left around 8:30 when our kids got sleepy.

We visited on Sunday so there were little crowded and it was bit dangerous when it got dark with kids because of the darkness. (Here is the park for appreciating fireflies so there are no light)

If you want to enjoy the festival itself, you should visit on weekend however you will see fireflies quietly on weekdays.

(If your schedule is flexible, please visit warm and not windy day. You will see many fireflies.)

You can park your car at the park for 1,000 yen as well.

However I wish you’ll enjoy walking the lovely way from the station to the park. 

Please come to visit on June!

We will visit again definitely next year on the good weather condition!

See you around~~

This sentence was translated by Ryo.

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