We run an apple farm at the foot of Matsumoto Alpspark in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
You will see a traditional Japanese satoyama view.

There are a lot of apple orchards and traditional Japanese houses in the neighborhood, and you will enjoy beautiful view of the city.

Everything in the fields and mountains looks fresh when spring comes, the apples are turning red in the autumn.

We are spending a relaxing life with our children and we eat fresh vegetables and fruits from our garden and orchard.


a wistaria-trellis

Since we would like to see various people and enjoy having a conversation, we lend a room at my house as a guest room in Yokoya Farm.

You will enjoy apple picking in autumn season.

Please come and spend a wonderful time here. We look forward to seeing you.

Yokoya Farm, Kensuke Kawabe and Asuka Kawabe

◎Guest house Shinshu Yokoya Farm ~KURA~

Comfortable farm staying. It is for only one group a day.

Shinshu Yokoya Farm ~KURA ~ is accommodation located next to host family house.

It is recommended for staying with family and friends.

We prepare lunch box “Bento” with vegetables and fruits from our garden for breakfast.

Please make a reservation from Airbnb

Please make a reservation from

Apple Picking

【For those who stay our guesthouse】

You will be able to have an apple picking experience and an orchard tour.(no extra charge)

We’ll take you an apple orchard tour(30-40mins) around 9 am after a breakfast.

You will pick some apples and try them in our orchard and you can bring back an apple(one apple for each). You can also buy them if you want more apples.

【For those who want to enjoy apple picking on a day trip】

Our friend Ryohei  hold “Hidden apple orchard tour with locals” on Airbnb.

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