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Japanese cuisines are sweet!!??

2019/06/05   -Blog, Japanese culture

Hi, I’m Asuka from Yokoya farm. I’ve heard foreign tourists feel Japanese dishes are sweet. I certainly also feel they are sweet and salty. For example, sukiyaki, yakiniku, nimono(simmered food), oyakodon(chicken and egg bowl), gyu-don(beef bowl). Those tastes come from ...

Let me introduce about miso soup.

2018/11/09   -Blog, Japanese culture

Let me introduce about miso soup that is essential for Japanese meal table today. Hi,I’m Asuka When you go to a supermarket in Japan, you might be surprised by lots of variation of miso. Here, Nagano prefecture where I live ...

I pickled plums

2017/06/24   -Blog, Japanese culture

I pickled plums. Since I harvested the garden plums (called‐ koume), I made plum pickles. Plum is a food that has been popular as preserved food in Japan from ancient times. Plums harvested in June can be eaten throughout the ...

I made Miso!

2017/04/25   -Blog, Yokoya farm's event

We made Miso at friend's restaurant. Miso is made with soybeans, koji(malted rice) and salt. First, Soak the soybeans in water. overnight. Soybeans contains water,  to swell and become bigger twofold. Then cook for about 3 hours in a pot. ...