「 Apple 」 一覧

We are on a Nagano’s local magazine, KURA!!

2019/09/27   -Blog, Yokoya farm's event

It’s all in Japanese but Ryo translated in order you to understand what’s written and our farm’s story too!!   Mt. Dessert Ice Cream ×Shinshu Yokoya Farm×Mr. Miyazawa (peach farmer in Nagano)       Mr. Kelton Boyer came to Nagano in 1990. ...

The harvest of apples in autumn has begun.

2018/09/16   -Blog, Notice

Lately it's gotten cold at night in Japan. The apple is a delicious season. We began harvesting apples "Akibae". Next week we will start to harvesting "Shinano Sweet". Accommodation guests can walk apple orchard that has many big apple in ...

The apple 's work has entered the busy season

2017/05/20   -Blog, Yokoya farm's event

The apple flower bloom earlier this month. Apple farmers entered the busy season. In Japan, most flowers are nipped off to grow apple big. When the flowers fall, the trees bear fruit. But we also nip off most of them. ...