Let me introduce about miso soup.

2018/11/09   -Blog, Japanese culture

Let me introduce about miso soup that is essential for Japanese meal table today. Hi,I’m Asuka When you go to a supermarket in Japan, you might be surprised by lots of variation of miso. Here, Nagano prefecture where I live ...

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Autumn in Alps park

2018/10/26   -Blog

It's autumn now. The good time for picnic. My daughter run!  The weather is nice in autumn(#^^#) 

The harvest of apples in autumn has begun.

2018/09/16   -Blog, Notice

Lately it's gotten cold at night in Japan. The apple is a delicious season. We began harvesting apples "Akibae". Next week we will start to harvesting "Shinano Sweet". Accommodation guests can walk apple orchard that has many big apple in ...

Pickling Plums

2018/06/28   -Blog, Yokoya farm's event

In Japan, it’s time to pickle plums in June. Since a long time ago, farmers harvest plums in their backyards and make umeboshi (dried plums), karikari ume(crispy plums), plum juice and plum wine when the season comes. A lot of ...

I made “Hoshigaki ” (dried persimmons)

2017/11/14   -Blog, Yokoya farm's event

In autumn in Japan, in the countryside, we make Hoshigaki. I harvested astringent persimmons, peel the skin, tie it to the string and dry for about 2 weeks. It will become very sweet 2 weeks later! Hoshigaki (dried persimmons) are ...

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It is the peak of the autumn leaves. They are turning red and yellow now

2017/11/06   -Blog

It is the peak of the autumn leaves in Matsumoto City. They are turning red and yellow now and they are so beatiful! The cherry leaves also have turned red.  (A lot of cherry blossoms bloom there in the spring) ...

I pickled plums

2017/06/24   -Blog, Japanese culture

I pickled plums. Since I harvested the garden plums (called‐ koume), I made plum pickles. Plum is a food that has been popular as preserved food in Japan from ancient times. Plums harvested in June can be eaten throughout the ...

The apple 's work has entered the busy season

2017/05/20   -Blog, Yokoya farm's event

The apple flower bloom earlier this month. Apple farmers entered the busy season. In Japan, most flowers are nipped off to grow apple big. When the flowers fall, the trees bear fruit. But we also nip off most of them. ...

I made Miso!

2017/04/25   -Blog, Yokoya farm's event

We made Miso at friend's restaurant. Miso is made with soybeans, koji(malted rice) and salt. First, Soak the soybeans in water. overnight. Soybeans contains water,  to swell and become bigger twofold. Then cook for about 3 hours in a pot. ...

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Cherry blossoms are in full bloom at Matsumoto City

2017/04/18   -Blog

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom at Matsumoto City. Yesterday, there was a cherry - blossom party(Hanami) in my district. We ate Yakiniku and Yakisoba under cherry blossoms. We feel comfortable outside in this season ! We are looking forward ...