Hi! It’s Asuka from Yokoya Farm.

The Christmas is almost around the corner.

Santa Claus from Finland came to Matsumoto 

Today, I’ll introduce how we enjoy the Christmas.

As you may know, the Christmas is not the original culture in Japan but it’s already part of our culture nowadays.

I guess it’s been a big event here for 30 years as long as I know.

We can see beautiful illumination, decorations around a city and Christmas goods.

Matsumoto staition

We also have a private Christmas party with our family on the weekend in December every year and my family members gather that time.

our family

In Japan, people usually spend a time with their families or partners on the day of Christmas Eve. (However, we have to go to school or work when the days are on weekdays.)

Usually people eat a fried chicken, pizza, sushi and cake.

This year’s Christmas party meal

Young couples go to good restaurant and spend special time. As I wrote, Christmas is not religious event in Japan, it’s an enjoyable event with family or friend or partner.

Of course, Santa Clause is coming to deliver presets for kids!!

I was also a kid who was very very looking forward to see a Christmas present put besides my pillow in the morning of 25th. ( But my husband’s family didn’t have that habit,,, he might not be a good kid,,,)

My daughter already got a Christmas present at Christmas event in her daycare.

Nursery Hall

I do love Christmas time too! How will you spend that time ??�Have a merry Christmas.

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