Hi! I’m Ryo from Yokoya Farm.

The winter has already come here Matsumoto.

(To tell you the truth, I hate winter even I was born and raised here)

By the way, I was in charge of apple picking tour this autumn.

With guests

I registered on Airbnb experience and hosted 8 groups, 24 guests from U.S, Thailand and Malaysia.

In spite of some cancellation caused by a huge typhoon attack in October, I didn’t expect to host that number of guests actually.

During the tour, I guided the guests to our apple orchard and I gave some explanation about the history around here and how to grow apples and they picked apples and enjoyed fresh apples.

(They could bring few apples as souvenirs)

an apple tree in November

I was very happy to see

1. the guests could know how Japanese apples were grown( trimming, thinning out, picking leaves etc,,)

2. they enjoyed just picked fresh apples. (They were surprised how big and sweet apples were)

In addition, Kaoru-san(80 years old) who is an owner of one of the orchard we borrow seemed to be very happy to hear guests enjoyed the experience.

The second person from the left in the front row is Mr.Kaoru

I was also ver glad to make connections between him and foreign tourists who never ever knew that farm without Yokoya Farm.

I think I could tell the guests how hard to grow apples and the joy from that hard work.

However what they surprised the most was very different what I was expecting !!

For example,

Our apple shop at the orchard ( As you can see, there is no shop staff!)

Our apple shop at the orchard

We can see this style of shop especially rural are in Japan and our shops are very popular among locals and tourists passed around here by car not on purpose.

The system is very simple,

1, Choosing apples

2, Putting money into s box( we call it “cashier”)

3, Taking changes from another box if you need

I named it super trust economy !

Guests told me they couldn’t see that in their home country.

A guest from U.S told me all things ( apples and money boxes) would be stolen in a day,,,,,

at apple orchard

I could learn a lot of thing from guests and spend a good time with them.

I wish I can host more guests and make their trips more interesting !!

See you around~~~

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