Hello, I’m Asuka from Yokoya Farm.

We harvested all of our fuji apples last month.(~24th November)

More than half of the apples we grow is fuji so there is A LOT!!

We picked 500 boxes of fuji apples (18kg/box) for a week.

Harvested Fuji apple

We need to wait fuji apples to get nectar inside of them and then we can start to harvest.

It’s said that fuji apples start to have nectar when it gets cold.

A machine to check for “honey”

By the end of November, we can’t see any more apples in our orchard.

I’m already missing the beautiful view of apples and autumn leaves I love.

Fuji apple tree

However, I think we can feel more precious when there is an end for it such as a cherry blossom.

I’ll take a short break after this season.

Customers use apples for gifts
last apples of the year

See you~~~

This sentence was translated by Ryohei

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