Hi, It’s Asuka from YokoyaFarm.

We went to Ougato Hotel at Utsukushigahara highland where is located east side of Matsumoto city and at an altitude of 2034m.

This time, we visited not for staying but having a meeting.

The hotel will serve our apple juice as a welcome drink for their guests.

Our apple juice will be served here

Ougato hotel is located on the mountain top where is one hour drive from downtown of Matsumoto city.

From the hotel at the altitude of 2034m, you can see Matsumoto, Ueda, Nagano, Suwa and even Mt. Fuji if the weather is good.

landscape from Ougato hotel

Besides, you can see beautiful sea of clouds in the morning if you have a luck.   

Moreover there are bathrooms and rest spaces in order to enjoy those wonderful view.


A hotel staff told me that the hotel usually uses those spaces with wonderful view for the room.

However they want everyone to enjoy that view so they decided not to make a room there.

I was so impressed by wonderful building and interiors cherished by an owner and hotel staffs. 

Kids space for family
At home dinner
Robby with lovely furniture chosen by the owner
Seasonal flowers and decorations are so cute


It had a similar atmosphere with my favorite Azumino Chihiro museum and Kurumido coffee in Tokyo.

Vising in winter is highly recommend by hotel staffs because of heavy snow makes that place different world you’ve ever seen.

We definitely go there that time !!

You don’t have to worry about your driving skill because there is a shuttle bus to the hotel from Matsumoto station!

TripAdvisor – Ougato Hotel

See you~~

This sentences was translated by Ryouhei

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