Hi, It’s Asuka.

It’s getting cooler gradually and it means we can get delicious apples too!

Shinano Dolce apple
Shinano Dolce apple

So today, I’ll introduce about Yohashira shrine at Nawatestreet in Matsumoto.

Nawata street

Yohasira shrine is located at the middle of this street.

A lot of people come to visit here to pray everyday but there are also wedding ceremonies and Shichi-go-san (7,5,3 years old celebration) held here.

Shichi-go-san is an annual festival in Japan to celebrate the grown of children.

Shichi-go-san by my family


People usually hold wedding ceremonies at ceremony halls or hotels nowadays in Japan but some people do at shrines.

In the case of that, it’ called Shinzen-shiki (Shinto wedding) and people dressed with Japanese traditional clothes and vow their marriages in front of god.



Yohashira shrine is close to the castle so we can go there and take pictures.

Besides it’s located in the downtown so it gives us easy access to a hotel or good restaurant to have a party after that.

Moreover, Shichi-go-san is the festival for girls aged 3 and 7 years old and for boys aged 3 and five years oldwith dressing up with a Japanese traditional dress and go to a shrine for praying.

A shinto priest pray for the grown of children.

My daughter also went to the festival at Yohashira shrine.

My daughter (2 years and 8 months )

November 15th is the day of this festival and most of the families go to shrines on weekends around the day.

You may also see dressed-up children at a shrine if you go there on weekends of November.  


And more, there is a habit in Japan called Omiya-mairi that is the ceremony for aged one month babies.

They also go to a shrine for praying.

Our both of daughters went to Yohashira shrine for this ceremony.

Omiya-mairi of Honoka
my daughter Honoka (one month)

If you see babies dressed with white dresses, you can think they come to a shrine for this ceremony.

We often see those babies at Yohashira shrine on weekends.


Please visit Yohasira shrine at Nawate street when you come to Matsumoto!!

You can also enjoy great ice cream at Mount Dessert Island Ice cream at Nawate street where use our apples for its ice cream. Don’t miss it!!

Mount Desert Island Ice Cream
There is ice using yokoya farm apples

See you around~~


※This sentence was translated by Ryohei

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