Hi, I’m Asuka from Yokoya farm.

Let me introduce about Alps Park near from our farm today.

It’s highly recommended for a family with 3 to 10 years old children. (However winter is extremely cold so you should visit spring to autumn)

Alps park is located on a hill 20 min by car to north from Matsumoto station.

You will see the beautiful view of northern alps and Azumino when you park your car at south gate.

Picture spot

There is an observatory.

 Look this interesting form! The view is awesome.


You will see a big playground after walking through the observatory.

Here is occupied by many parents and children play with balls and soap bubbles and play badminton on holidays.

Picture taken during Golden Week. It was crowded with parents and children.


There is a lots of playground equipment like a slide at the far side of the park.

Lovely joyful playground equipment for kids


At the further side, there is a slide down through a mountain.

It continues to all the way down. You may hesitate to do it because you need to walk upstairs and your hip hurts when you slide down.


You will be able to play with those equipment for half days.

A lot of people bring their own lunch and have a picnic.


There are no shops and restaurants so you need to bring your lunch.

But food cars are there on weekends. You can buy beverages, fried potato and ice cream.

Can’t help buying when we see it


Moreover, there is a special slide (called Dream Coaster) that you will slide down with a sled (but not for free this one).

Even you need to line up for one hour sometimes on weekends but still popular among fathers.

on’t worry about the way back! Automatic sled led you to the start point.


And more, there is a free zoo! You will see rabbits, goats, raccoon dogs, monkeys, birds, boars and so on.

Free Zoo Map


Alps Park get high lank on tripadvisor as well.

Second prize! Amazing!


Small water pound there so you will play there in summer. You may better to bring a sandal and extra cloth for change.

Shallow parts are good for smaller kids


As I wrote till now, there is a lot of attraction but IT’S FREE FOR ENTER. All citizens love this park.

Of course lots of people visit from other prefectures. 

Please come to enjoy if the weather is fine!!


This sentence was translated by my friend Ryo.


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