Hi, I’m Asuka from Shinshu Yokoya farm.

I displayed Hina dolls in Zashiki room with my daughter Yui yesterday.

Yui making doll’s set

In Japan, there is a habit among families with young girls to display Hina dolls in this season.

March 3rd is the day of Doll’s festival and we pray for their health and happiness with eating sushi and cakes.

Doll’s festival 2 years ago

Lots of families start to display Hina dolls in the middle of February.

We clean up dolls soon after celebrating on March 3rd because it’s said that daughters wouldn’t be able to get married if we clean them up late

Around this area, we celebrate with an old calendar so the dolls will be displayed until April 3rd that is one month later the official day.

The emperor and empress

My father bought us these dolls.

Mother’s parents buy them for the first Doll’s festival after a girl was born usually.

There are a lot of doll’s shops at Takasago street in Matsumoto city and we often see parents and their parents (grandma and grandpa )with young girls.

Takasago street in Matsumoto city
Hina doll’s exhibition

Recently the smaller and fewer doll set(only the emperor and empress)is popular because it doesn’t need lots of space!

To tell you the truth, dolls are so expensive that we seldom buy it for the second girl. We also won’t buy for Honoka. I’m going to tell my daughters Yui and Honoka that it is for theirs(not only for one),

and celebrate peacefully!!:)



This sentence was translated by my friend Ryo.

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