Let me introduce about miso soup that is essential for Japanese meal table today.

Hi,I’m Asuka

When you go to a supermarket in Japan, you might be surprised by lots of variation of miso.

Here, Nagano prefecture where I live is large production of miso and there are some big miso companies.

We preserve our homemade miso in a storehouse for pickles

It’s very easy to make miso soup!

Boiling water in a pod, adding dashi and some ingredients in it

Putting miso in and getting it melted at the end, and it’s done!

(You should put miso at the end because its flavor gets weak when you stew it.)

It’s a good idea to get dashi from niboshi or katsuobushi however it’s easy to use instant  dashi you can buy in supermarkets.

Niboshi – small dried sardines

Katsuobushi – preserved, fermented skipjack tuna

Instant dashi

It’s usual to put several ingredients in miso soup like some vegetables, tofu, aburaage(deep flied tofu) and seaweed.

Some families put 5 or more ingredients in it for a busy morning when they can get only a bowl of rice and miso soup

I also make miso soup every morning! (of course serving for guests as well)

Here is some miso soup collection!

Aburaage, green onion and tofu
Sweet potato, aguraage and carrot
Crab, green onion (We can get good flavor of dashi from crabs and shellfishes)

For people live themselves, there are instant miso soup

All you need to do is getting miso and ingredients out from bags and pouring boiled water!!( like a cup noodles)

You will have a lot of chance to eat miso soup in a restaurant or ryokan’s breakfast!

Please look forward to seeing what’s in it!

*This sentence is translated by my friend

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