In Japan, it’s time to pickle plums in June.

Since a long time ago, farmers harvest plums in their backyards and make umeboshi (dried plums), karikari ume(crispy plums), plum juice and plum wine when the season comes.

A lot of people even not farmers make umeboshi or plum wine by themselves and plums, bins for pickling plums and sugar candies are lined up in supermarkets when this season comes.

There are lots of people make their living by plums, like plum farmers and companies make dried plums or plum wine in Japan.

In addition, dried plums and plum juice are preservable for a long time so we can enjoy them for a year.


There are three plum trees in Yokoya Farm.

I tried to make sugar pickles, shio-konbu pickles (pickled with salty seaweed) and plum syrup this year!!

I shared left over plums with my parents and friends.

Pickled plums will be done for one or two weeks.

plums on the tree
plums on the tree( small tipe)
adding shiso (Japanese basil) and sugar
sugar pickles(L) Shio-konbu pickles(R)
Plum syrup (good for summer heat!!)

I wish everything will be good!!


※Translated by my friend Ryohei.

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