【For those who stay our guesthouse】
【Yokoya farm apple picking experience】
You will be able to have an apple picking experience and an orchard tour.(no extra charge)

We’ll take you an apple orchard tour(30-40mins) around 9 am after a breakfast.

You will pick some apples and try them in our orchard and you can bring back an apple(one apple for each). You can also buy them if you want more apples.

(August) Koizora, Natsu-akari, Shinano red
(September) Tsugaru, Shinano dorche, Akibae
(October) Shinano sweet, Shinano gold
(November) Sun Fuji

【For those who want to enjoy apple picking on a day trip】

Our friend Ryohei  holds “Hidden apple orchard tour with locals” on Airbnb. During about 1 – 1.5h tour, you’ll enjoy just picked fresh apples and local roasted coffee with an explanation about the method of growing apples and history of the are as well. Looking forward to seeing you !!

(Date) September 1st~ November 23rd
(Hour) 10 am or 2 pm( takes 1-1.5h)
(Price) ¥2500 per person (no charge for under 6 years old, ¥1500 for 7-12 years old/ including 3 apples for your souvenir)
(Meeting spot) Shinshu Yokoya Farm
(Reservation) Until the day before the tour on Airbnb or email (yryo2306@gmail.com) or phone (+818069387654)

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Fuji Apple tree (slim style)

Scenery from the hill (March photo)